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Timberline Patio Covers originally specialized in an under deck ceiling product called Undercover Systems. This product was patented and franchised in the early 90’s and continues to outperform other under deck drainage systems nationwide. When it was brought to the Pacific Northwest in 2007 it was a quick notice that customers were also interested in having dry space in this climate that did not have an application that worked with the UnderCover system. Having exhibited trustworthy and reliable business practices with Undercover Systems, in 2009 the company started to transform and brought on the name USI Decks & Concrete, than USI Custom Outdoor living and in 2016 it was determined to create an entire division dedicated to building outdoor roof structures, decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor firepits, and also incorporating flatwork. Undercover Systems is still around under same management but independent and only specializes in the Underdeck system as a product that of course is available to all Timberline Customers.

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At Timberline Patio Covers we strive to provide you with the most professional experience possible. Our keys to delivering this high level of service ensure that you will be happy with every project.








Does my project require a permit?

While it varies depending on the jurisdiction, most major alterations to your home require a permit. Factors include the scope of work, the retail cost of the alteration, and the location of the project in relation to your home and lot. Generally, structures either attached to your home, or greater than 30″ above grade require a permit.

How long will my permit take?

During the months of April through August, permits generally take an average of 4-8 weeks.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, permitted projects will be scheduled to start within 3 weeks of the permit being issued.  As building services are generally less busy during the winter, the earlier in the year you can begin getting your permit the better.

Here is our year-to-date data on permits that we have processed. This chart shows the average number of days each permit takes to process per jurisdiction, as well as the average cost. Please note, if your city is not listed, we have not pulled any permits from that city to date. If your city is listed, but has values of “0,” we have pulled permits from your city, but not in 2015.

Why hasn't my project started?

If your project requires a permit, USI is prohibited by your jurisdiction to start your project until a permit has been issued.  Starting a project before the permit has been issued can result in fines issued to the homeowner by their jurisdiction and could lead to further project delays.

I already paid for the permitting service. Why am I getting another bill?

The initial fee for Permitting Services covers the time and materials required to prepare the site plan and structural drawings, as well as to meet and negotiate with the various departments involved in processing a permit application (Land Use, Building, Utilities, etc.).  Each jurisdiction charges a fee for permits based on the scope of the project.  These charges cannot be predicted beforehand, so are invoiced to the homeowner once the permit has been issued.  Additional fees include engineering approval, which cities/counties require for various structural connections and footing specifications.

Where is my permit?

If you are located within the cities of Bothell, Bellevue, Burien, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Renton, Sammamish, Snohomish County, Snoqualmie, or Woodinville, you can search for your permit here.  If you are located within Unincorporated Pierce County, you can search for your permit at PALS Online.  For any other jurisdictions, please consult with them directly via telephone.

Why haven't I heard from anyone?

Unfortunately, there is very little USI can do once the permit has been submitted to move the process along.  Keep in mind: we may be overseeing a dozen or so permits at a time, but the cities/counties oversee hundreds.  We do our best to ensure that they are keeping on task with your permit and will contact you with any changes and as soon as the permitting process is complete to begin the preliminary scheduling.

How long will my project take?

Generally, to build roofs the process can take up to 30 days from start to finish. This, of course, is an average but due to the frequent inspections which Timberline has little to no control over it is difficult to complete an outdoor roof structure in under 30 days.

What will my payment schedule look like?

This is determined by the project manager and also by how the contract is written, please refer to both the project manager and the contract. Make sure that payments are made on-time, in order to keep the project moving forward.


Timberline Patio Covers is the leader in high-quality outdoor roof structures. Outdoor roof structures extend your living space outside your home. Whether you’re having a barbecue with family and friends or relaxing with a book, patio covers protect your deck or patio from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements.


We build custom roof structures and deck covers to fit every budget. Create a new addition to accommodate a front porch, backyard patio, or second story deck. Build a freestanding roof or gazebo. Add skylights, recessed lighting, heaters, fans, TV and speaker systems.

Timberline Patio Covers is a licensed and bonded general contractor in the Seattle area. We are able to extend the existing roof line to form the covering of your porch or build a new framed structure in your backyard that is free standing.


Our talented team of designers, project managers, and deck cover contractors provide a wealth of experience that is unmatched in the Seattle outdoor living industry. With us, the construction process moves seamlessly from design to installation.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Let Timberline Patio Covers extend your living and entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or fireplace that suits your lifestyle needs. Let our team of talented designers, project managers, and contractors provide a wealth of experience that is unmatched among Seattle’s outdoor living design companies. With Timberline Patio Covers, the construction of your outdoor entertainment space will move seamlessly from design to installation.

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