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Timberline Patio Covers also offers a premier deck building service to its customers. We specialize it Patio Covers, but our deck builders are just as skilled and qualified as any professional deck builder in the area, most of our carpenters actually started as deck builders.

We can build decks for any budget and we can customize them with lights, benches, specific designs and much more to optimize your outdoor living space. A new patio cover and or deck will totally transform your backyard and create a space that you can enjoy for a lifetime with your friends and family.

Give us a call today and schedule a FREE ESTIMATE, (206) 992-0364. To help with the process you should have the rough dimensions of the size of the deck you are looking to have built or the size of your current deck if you are looking to have a resurface. This helps your contractor gain an idea of the project’s scope, both in terms of costs and materials.

Next, we would want to decide whether you want a single level deck or a deck with multiple elevations. If there are multiple levels, you will want to think about how you want to connect the levels: by stairways or passageways? Then you want to think about and landscaping or hardscaping that you might want to build around or adjacent too. This could be a paver patio or cement patio that you want to build the next up to or some landscaping that you want to build the deck around. These things can all be figured out when the sales staff meets with you for your estimate.

The next step would be to figure out what types of materials you want to use for your decking. All the framing will always be pressure treated to withstand the elements, but what we need to figure out is if you want to go with a traditional cedar, hardwood or one of the composite, tile or waterproof decking materials. We are platinum certified installers for all so the choice usually comes down to price, maintenance requirements and aesthetics.

Tight Knot Cedar Decking

Requires more maintenance, but at a cheaper initial cost. On average, a transparent stain will need to be restained every year, while a solid pigment stain will need to be restained every five years. You will want to account for these costs when making your decision. 

Cedar: Transparent Stain

Cedar: Solid Pigment Stain

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking such as Ipe are more expensive than cedar, but less expensive than some of the top level synthetics. They should last much longer than the cedar decking( 40+ years). There is still some maintenance for hardwood, but it depends on personal preference. Hardwood start out a nice brown color and fade to a silver color. If you want to keep the brown color you will need to apply a hardwood oil annually. If you don’t mind the silver color then you can oil less frequently.

Hardwood: Brand New

Hardwood: Oil Treatment

Hardwood: Silver Patina

Synthetic Decking

(Capped composite /PVC Products)

For synthetic decking there are two types: Capped Composite and PVC products. PVC decking, like AZEK, is made from 100% recycled plastic while composite decking, like that offered by TimberTech is made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic products. Both products feature a “cap,” which is an extra, added layer of protection that helps make them more durable and longer-lasting. The capped composite tends to have a more real wood look where as the PVC decking offers better protection against mildew and mold. For a more detailed breakdown check out Azeks website.

PVC Decking

Capped Composite

Tile Decking

(Not Waterproof)

We are one of the only companies in the seattle area that offer tile decking as an option. Mbrico Tile Decks present a unique opportunity for you to coordinate interior and exterior spaces with high-quality Italian porcelain stoneware that can be placed anywhere. THese tile decks are low maintenance, easy to clean, mold and moss resistant, chemical and stain resistant, heat and shockproof, anti-slip and have a extremely high weight capacity for even the heaviest furniture. The tiles come in a variety of colors and make for a very modern, clean looking exterior or interior space. For more information visit Mbrico Tile Decks.

Rectangle Tiles


Tufflex Waterproof Decking

Tufflex is a a waterproofing system that uses a liquid applied, high adhesion, moisture cured polyurethane waterproofing coating applied over plywood as a base layer and is finished off with a heavy duty urethane deck coating. These decks color is a variety of colors and are 100% waterproof which allow for extra usable space underneath your deck.

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Timberline Patio Covers is a trusted and professional general contractor in the Seattle area. Our talented team of designers, project managers, and deck builders provide a wealth of experience that is unmatched in the Seattle outdoor living industry. With us, the construction process moves seamlessly from design to installation.

Let us show you why Timberline Patio Covers has been trusted to install outdoor decks around Seattle for years.

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