Project: WEEKEND

July 25, 2014

One of the great things I love about folks in the Pacific Northwest is their propensity for tackling at-home DIY projects both on a whim and with merciless tenacity.  Mason jars have more uses these days than a Swiss army knife, and furniture has been taken far beyond the boundaries of conventional use (entertainment center into play kitchen??).  In support of the DIYers out there, every Friday will feature a Project: Weekend idea – something fresh, fun, and new for you to tackle over the weekend.  These projects will be themed – Garden, Waterworks, Hardware, Furniture, etc. – and will be classified from $ to $$$$ to indicate whether you can sponsor your project with pocket change or should perhaps consult the family budget.  A weather eye will always be kept toward upcycling and sustainable techniques.

Check back this Friday for our first Project: Weekend – 5 Easy Designs for Backyard Lighting


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