Undercover service repair how-to’s

January 15, 2015

The Undercover System is completely warrantied against leaks, but – like many outdoor fixtures – can require a little TLC for any number of reasons (all completely fixable):

Reason #1. The system was just installed
Reason #2. A clogged system
Reason #3. The natural settling of decks and pergolas over time

“My system was just installed and I found a leak.”

While we do our very best to ensure there won’t be any missing seals or leaks, the surest way to know is with a weather test.  Conduct a careful inspection of your system following installation during a heavy rainfall, as any sealant gaps will be easily spotted.  Walk the perimeter of the deck, paying close attention to the gutter area.  Should you spot a leak in your system, it is especially important that you mark the area with tape (masking tape or electrical tape work fine as long as it is not directly covering the leak).

Once the leak has been marked, simply fill out our service repair form and we will provide you with a 24 hour notice of a service repair technician’s arrival.  While it is not necessary that you be present for the repair, please indicate in the notes if access to the system is an issue and we will coordinate with you on the service date.

Bronze Undercover System installed beneath second story deck, protecting deck over garage.

“There is water coming out over the front of my Undercover System.”

The Undercover System is designed to overflow should it become clogged with debris.  This is harmless to the system, but should be addressed as soon as possible.  You will know that the system is clogged as oppose to leaking if you see water exiting the system from the front.  If this is the case, please request a cleaning and we will schedule a time to remove the clog, clean the panels, and reinstall the system as soon as possible.  We recommend a panel cleaning every 3-5 years as a preventative measure.

Lots of room for proper ventilation = no rot!  But be sure to check any areas with sealant for leaks following installation so we can fix them ASAP.

“My Undercover System was installed a few years ago, but there are some leaks.”

Not a problem!  Decks and pergolas do have a tendency to settle with the ground over time, so this can happen. We are happy to come out and reseal any leaks.

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